It’s reported that over 1300 children die from shootings every year. Some of these deaths are unintentional and due to a lack of knowledge of handling a firearm safely. Knowing firearm safety basics will keep you and all those around you safe.

Here are some gun safety basics you can learn.

Point the gun in a safe direction

Making sure the gun isn’t pointed at someone you don’t intend to shoot can significantly reduce the risk of an accident. When loading or unloading, the rule stays the same; point the muzzle in a safe direction. Accidental discharge or dry firing is possible during loading and unloading; not aiming the muzzle at anyone while loading and unloading can help you avoid unfortunate accidents.

Keep it unloaded

Unload the gun as soon as you’re done. Your gun should stay unloaded and in a secure place, away from children when not in use. Your firearm is your responsibility; make sure it’s not easily accessible to unauthorized users or kids.

Handle with care

Keep your finger off the trigger at all times; sudden scares or flinches might trigger fire your gun. Some triggers can go off with the slightest of pressure, so avoid running or playing around with a loaded gun.

Invest in Gun Service

Guns are expertly designed to function correctly. The trigger, safety, and all its other components are designed and assembled to operate in harmony with each other. Making alterations to the firearm without knowing anything about the mechanics is a disaster waiting to happen. Have an expert or someone who knows guns inspect, service, and adjust your gun periodically to ensure its longevity.

Man holding a gun at a shooting range

Master your firearm

A gun isn’t a toy, and it’s essential to learn how to store, carry and use it properly. Not all firearms are the same, and each gun has different handling and carrying method. Thoroughly understand and familiarize yourself with your firearm. Knowing the type, its components, the mechanical aspects of your firearm is vital for safe handling. Read the instruction provided by the manufacturer to the tee. This is a weapon you’re dealing with; it requires total commitment to safety. If you’re still unsure, enroll in a firearms training course.

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