Visiting a gun range is an experience in itself. First-time shooters are quite apprehensive about using a gun initially. There’s nothing to be afraid about; however, gun ranges do have a set of rules and etiquettes that need to be followed.

We’ve put together a guide for those visiting a shooting range for the first time:

Use a gun case

A gun case, whether it’s a soft or hard one, is beneficial to use. First-time shooters won’t feel as self-conscious when carrying a firearm into a new place. It’s always a smart move to keep your weapon concealed. When walking through the front door with an exposed weapon, employees at the gun range will stay alert.

Use the case as much as possible, what we mean by that is that you open it up once you’re at the firing line. Set the case on the table so that the weapon is pointing downrange when you’re getting ready. Remember to place your gun back in the case whenever it’s not being used.

Wear a tight collared shirt

Semi-automatic weapons eject a spent brass casing after every shot. Due to the pressure within a gun, these cases are really hot. Since gun ranges are closed off, it’s very likely that these brass cases bounce off the ceiling and walls. They can land anywhere in your shooting booth. We, therefore, recommend visitors to wear tight-collared shirts to prevent these casings from ending up in their shirts and causing burns.

Invest I cloth tape

Shooting a gun is no joke. Long shooting sessions can cause your hands to blister due to the constant abrasion. Cloth tape is essential for athletes; they use it for their ankles and to improve their grip too. This tape does a great job at protecting the damaged and sore skin so you can comfortably go through your entire shooting practice.

Wear closed shoes and socks

A shooting practice must be treated as any other sporting event for which you require appropriate gear. Other than tight-collared shirts, remember always to wear protective shoes and socks. Not only does this protect your legs from hot brass casings, but it also gives you the support you require. It’s also a good way to build a habit of preparing well before a shooting practice, whether it’s outdoors or on a range.

Ear and eye protection

Protecting your ears and eyes is particularly important when practicing. The loud bang of a gunshot is loud enough to cause damage to your inner ear. The protective glasses protect you from any debris that might get launched during practice as well as from the casings of the bullets.

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