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What to Expect

The Firing Line is Hot!

We offer personalized firearm training for clients in Cheyenne Wyoming, Southeastern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and surrounding areas.
Here are the details of our upcoming program:

Setting Expectations

Upon your arrival at our range, you will be asked to register, sign a release form, pay appropriate range fees, and watch a safety video. Once you have completed all our range safety requirements, we will gather you and the other training participants for a classroom instruction. It is followed by a one-hour live shooting session. Please bring the following during the training:

Pistol • 100 Rounds of Ammunition • Eye and Hearing Protection (Can Be Provided if Necessary)

Classroom Training

During the classroom training, you will practice shooting techniques using an advanced SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) laser training pistol. You will learn the following:

Mechanics of Pistol Shooting • Common Mistakes Every Shooter Makes, and How to Correct Them • Proper Posture and the Importance of Muscle Control in Shooting • Vital Role of Pistol Grip Repeatability in Accuracy • Role of Breath Control in Managing the Pistol • Controlling the Pistol with Minimum Movement Throughout the Aiming and Sighting Process • Aim Control Using Trigger Squeeze to Maximize Bullet Accuracy • Trick to Avoid the Single Largest Mistake that Every Pistol Shooter Has to Overcome to Become Deadly Accurate

Indoor Firing Range with Lavatory

Live Shooting

After the classroom training, we will move to the range for the live shooting session. Our instructor will teach you how the shooting mechanics we’ve discussed in the classroom function with your pistol and body physiology. Upon completion of the range exercises, we will meet and discuss during structured practice sessions, then wrap up the day.

Competitive Rates

The fee for our program is $99. It includes both the classroom and live shooting sessions. We accept cash and online payments.

Concealed Carry Program Description

This concealed carry class fulfills the training requirement as established by the Wyoming Attorney General to qualify for a Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit.

Why get a Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) when Wyoming is a Constitutional Carry State? There are many benefits to holding this CFP, including skipping a background check on firearms purchases, carrying in National Parks, and carry privileges in over 34 States.

Class Cost

$75 Class – Length 3 hours

Class Agenda:

  • Safe handling of firearms to include loading, unloading and carrying.
  • Current Wyoming Concealed Firearm’s Laws
  • Current Law defining Self Defense, Deadly Force, Transportation and concealment of firearms
  • Pistol operation including cartridges and components
  • Ammunition Malfunctions
  • Maintenance
  • Holster Selection
  • Concealment techniques

Permit Information:

  • Permit Validation: 5 years
  • Permit Cost: Varies Per County Sheriff
  • Permit Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Minimum Age: 21 years
  • Shall Issue to Wyoming Residents ONLY

What do I bring to Class?

Pen and Paper for taking notes Driver’s License or State Issued ID

IMPORTANT….. DO NOT bring firearms or ammunition into the classroom. Please leave these items safely locked in your vehicle or at home.

Reserve Now

To sufficiently focus on each participant during the live shooting, we only accommodate a limited number of shooters. Our slots fill up quickly, so sign up now to reserve a slot.

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