Concealed carry laws have been passed in many states and this has led to an increase in female firearm carriers. There’s no debate about whether or not women need to arm themselves on the streets because the statistics are very clear about it.

1,181 female fatalities were recorded in cases of murder in 2005. Out of all female murder victims, two-thirds are perpetrated by strangers. With almost 600 women being sexually assaulted every day in the US, there’s no doubt that women need more protection.

However, in order to carry weapons for self-defense, women need to be aware of concealed carry for firearms. Here are some reasons why women can benefit from concealed carry.


The practice of concealed carry enables women to have arms on them while they’re in a vulnerable position. Keeping weapons concealed prevents attracting the attention of potential perpetrators and allows women to safeguard their life and integrity independently.

This way, not only do you protect yourself but also others around you if need be. Firearm training emphasizes heavily on the need and importance of concealed carry. With a certificate course, women will be on their way to becoming their own guardians.

Better Protection

Having a weapon hidden in your bag or your coat offers a sense of safety and relief. Traveling through rough neighborhoods or during late hours can make you feel vulnerable.

Carrying the means to defend yourself in a concealed manner allows you to be prepared for any unfortunate event in a legally-compliant manner.

Confident and Invulnerable

Your body language and demeanor says a lot about what you’re thinking. Women are often perceived as weak and vulnerable when they’re feeling fearful of predators lurking in the shadows. This is why it’s important to square your shoulders and raise your chin, even when you’re feeling scared because your body language can give it away.

However, what inspires confidence to do that is having a weapon on you for protection. Knowing that you have means of protecting yourself truly empowers you when you’re alone on the streets.

Better Awareness

Having a concealed firearm makes you constantly aware of potential threats in your surroundings. Your sensory receptors become extra alert when you know you’ll have a chance to save your life and property.

A heightened awareness of the situation you’re in works well in your favor because you can expect an attack before it happens. This allows you to process the situation faster and react promptly. Our training will also teach you enhanced tactical skills that further hone your awareness of the surrounding.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of learning how to handle a weapon, book a class with us. We offer reliable firearm training courses in Wyoming. We’re proud to have empowered several men and women to defend themselves in all circumstances! Contact us for more information.