For most shooters, especially those who are just starting off, firearms training is all about live fire and practicing skills on a range.

But do you know there is an easier, safer and freer type of firearms training that you can do at home to improve your skills and shoot better?

We’re talking about dry firing.

Dry Firing for Perfecting Weapon Handling

Dry firing involves practicing shooting with an unloaded firearm. It involves drills that focus on safe weapon handling and effective weapon manipulation.

Here, at Gladiators Firearms Training, we’re big advocates of dry firing and often recommend dry fire exercises to new students for home to help them master the basic shooting fundamental skillsets.

Below are four exercises that our students love the most:

1) Practicing the grip

Becoming a perfect shooter starts with developing the perfect grip. If you don’t know how to correctly hold a firearm, you’ll never become a good shooter. Unfortunately, most people we observe at the range have a terrible grip.

You can improve your grip by practicing at home.

Remember to get as much of your skin contacting the firearm as possible; there should be no gaps.

2) Sight alignment

You must train your dominant eye to take an accurate aim. It’s just like training your biceps to lift loads.

Mark a point on a wall. Stand few feet away from it. Draw your weapon and aim for the point. Narrow your focus, so you’re only concentrating at the point with your dominant eye. Do this regularly at different distances.

3) Drawing the firearm

Your draw should be flawless. It should be quick; it should be nice and smooth.

Practice drawing firearm from a holster, both covered and uncovered.

4) Changing the magazine

The aim is to develop your muscle memory to build up your accuracy and speed when changing the magazine.

The drill is simple. Stand in a room. Eject a magazine from your firearm. Draw another one from your mag pouch. Insert it into the firearm.

So what do you say? Will you be adding dry fire training to your firearms practice routine?

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