With so many types of ammunition and firearms, it’s difficult to choose the best ammunition for your gun – but getting it right is very important. If you don’t choose the right ammunition for your firearm, you can cause an injury, an explosion, or even end up killing yourself or the people around you.

Our firearms training expert in Wyoming is offering 4 tips to match the proper ammunition to your firearm.

1. Select top brands

Don’t compromise on quality when choosing ammunition. There is a plethora of top brands available, so do your research before purchasing anything.

2. Consider quantity and price

Have you decided on the type of ammo you need? If yes, it’s now time to set a budget. Depending on how much you need, you can purchase cheap ammo in bulk, case, or box quantity. Well, try to look at the process of purchasing ammo as if you’re applying for an insurance policy where you decide how much coverage you need. Compared to home defense and larger caliber ammo, regular range and smaller caliber ammo are quite inexpensive.

3. Don’t forget the grain weight

Don’t be confused; grain is nothing but the bullet’s weight. When fired, the grain weight impacts how fast the bullet will travel. Because a lower grain wouldn’t have much weight pressure, and its knock-down power won’t be great. However, it’ll travel faster when shot. Whereas a higher grain would have more weight pressure, but it wouldn’t travel as fast.

4. Caliber or bullet size

a man using black rifle in a shooting range in LaramieGetting the right caliber for your gun is important before you purchase a bullet by purpose. There are a ton of different sizes, and each one is better for a different purpose than others.

  • 12 Gauge:This is the most common type, and it’s a shotgun round. There’s also a 10 gauge which is bigger, and a 12 gauge which is smaller. Typically, people use shotgun rounds for hunting.
  • .308 and .223:These are found in assault rifles, and people love them at the range. While these can be used for defense, the guns that fire these are pretty big, which is understandable because the size of bullets is nowhere near small.
  • .38 special:Compared to a 9mm, this bullet has power behind it and is a tad bigger. Usually, you’ll find these in revolvers. However, use it in a gun designed for it.
  • 9mm:It’s best for self-defense and long-range. Their penetration power is decent, and they’re easy to fire because they don’t generate much recoil.
  • 22LR:This is a small round for pistols and rifles. Because its recoil and kick aren’t much, it’s great for training purposes. Also, it’s inexpensive.

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