We begin our training in the classroom which is located at 6101 Yellowstone Road.  You will learn the following:

  • The acronym “BATF” what it means and how this simple acronym is used in ALL our firearms training structure.
  • The proper mechanics and muscle memory for firearms marksmanship.
  • The vital role of gripping the pistol correctly for more accurate bullet groups.
  • The difference between “sight alignment” and “sight picture”
  • Mastering trigger control…. the KEY to accuracy.
  • How “follow-through” can dramatically improve your accuracy.
  • A demonstration of the MantisX system used by the Marine Corps for pistol marksmanship training.

Reserve Now

To sufficiently focus on each participant during the live shooting, we only accommodate a limited number of shooters. Our slots fill up quickly, so sign up now to reserve a slot.


When you arrive at the Laramie County Shooting Complex each student will register and pay a $10.00 range fee for a one-hour lane rental. In addition, you will listen to a safety briefing. We furnish each student with a training pistol, ammunition, and targets for the LIVE-FIRE class. We encourage each student to bring their own pistol and ammunition to apply their new marksmanship skills.

You will need to bring the following items for the LIVE-FIRE class.

  • Eye protection
  • Ear / Hearing protection


  • Pistol ANY caliber from .22 to .357 Magnum with operators manual if possible
  • 25 rounds of ammunition

Competitive Rates

The fee for our program is $99. It includes both the classroom and live shooting sessions. We accept cash and online payments.