While improving your long-range accuracy is important as an all-rounder shooter, it’s a skill that’s difficult to master. Yes, aiming at a target from a distance requires you to consider a plethora of factors—it takes patience and time before you squeeze the trigger.

Read as our firearms training expert in Cheyenne offers you four tips to improve your long-range accuracy!

1. Maintain your weapon

Although this philosophy varies from gun to gun and shooter to shooter, the majority of experts claim that the most accurate gun when it comes to shooting at long ranges is the clean gun. Generally, girls using a higher grade of materials within the barrel like to be shot cleaner.

Mostly, this is related to the finely crafted barrels’ tolerances. Other guns like Beretta pistols, AR15s, and Glocks can be shot quite accurately even when they’re dirty. Why? They have a high tolerance for fouling.

Our recommendation is, conduct range sessions with your weapon when it’s clean and when it isn’t—it’ll work as a great trial and error process. However, don’t let your gun become too dirty; otherwise, the long-range accuracy will be affected.

2. Find the right gun for your style

a person at a shooting range in LaramieWhile becoming a good long-range shooter with a .50 caliber handgun or a .44 Magnum revolver is still possible, most shooters will have a better long-term accuracy potential if they use a moderately powerful weapon as a training sidearm. If you’re a handgun enthusiast, 9mm pistols in medium-large frame sizes will be ideal for you.

Generally, it’s easier to shoot rifles in the .223 and .260 range. Plus, because their recoil is mild, bad habits like jerking the trigger and flinching are eliminated. There’s a reason why our US servicemen are trained on .223 caliber AR15s. Their recoil is mild, isn’t excessively loud, and pretty accurate. If you want to find a gun that works for you, go to a well-equipped indoor range and shoot a variety of guns.

3. Develop your own style

Work with a professional instructor and a good gun range to learn trigger fundamentals, grip, and create a repeatable stance that’ll prepare you for long-range accuracy.

This will help you hone your skills—just make sure you don’t drift away from those fundamentals. If you’re a handgun shooter, they may mean mastering the grip on the gun and a specific stance. However, if you’re a rifle shooter, it’s important to master trigger manipulation and breath control.

4. Invest in rounds

Replenishment if spent rounds are probably the biggest ongoing expense of a shooter—but it’s essential. With proper maintenance, guns can last for a lifetime. So, rounds are the only real continual expense. Instead of investing in gadget add-ons for your weapon, buy plenty of practice rounds—practice will make you mesh with your gun better, which will improve your long-range accuracy.

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