Purchasing your first firearm is indeed a daunting task. The United States of America owns approximately 270 million guns, with 20 percent of people owning up to 65 percent of the total sum.

Gun-related deaths are now the third most leading cause of child deaths in America. For this reason, we’re educating you with tips to become a new and responsible gun owner.

1. Define your need

What’s the purpose for you purchasing this firearm? This is possibly the first and foremost question you’ll get once you mention to almost anyone that you’re planning on buying your first ever firearm.

You must have a valid answer when a firearm expert asks the very same question to help you track down the perfect gun for you. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different manufacturers, calibers, sizes, and styles from rifles, pistols, and shotguns in the market.

For example, if your intended purpose for the firearm is self-defense and concealed carry, you’re most likely going to find something small that fits the bill.

2. Find the perfect match

Unlike many other purchases you make at the mall or an e-commerce store, you can’t rely solely on the product description and customer reviews when purchasing a firearm. You’ll need to work with a firearm expert to get an idea about the gun’s feel and fit.

It’s also good practice if you physically try and hit the range before sealing the deal. Alternatively, you can practice at a firearm training institute with different makes and models to see which gun fits you best.

3. Get done with the paperwork

Once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time to get to the documentation testifying to the legality of the arms sale. You’ll need a valid driver’s license containing the right information and a supplementary ID such as a government-issued ID card or one from an institute or organization you’re currently enrolled in. After an extensive background check, the firearm should be issued to you.

Disclaimer: Your request will be rejected if you’re not a US citizen, have a mental illness, or have a criminal record (i.e., are a convicted criminal)

4. Figure storage options

Now that you’ve become the owner of a firearm, you’ll have to figure out the options you have to store it safely. A handgun holster will restrict any undesired movement of the handgun, while a lockbox or gun safe will be able to keep it out of reach of unwanted hands.

Ask the salesmen regarding any cleaning devices or kits you may need to maintain your gun or ammunition.

5. Practice

Components of a gun

There’s always a first time for everything. You’ll need to get to practice to get comfortable with the gun and understand its functionality.

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