Concealed Carry Program Description

This concealed carry class fulfills the training requirement as established by the Wyoming Attorney General to qualify for a Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit.

Why get a Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) when Wyoming is a Constitutional Carry State? In addition to personalized firearms training courses, Gladiator Firearms Training Group also offers concealed carry training programs which carry many benefits to holding. With this CFP, you can skip a background check on firearms purchases, carry in National Parks, and carry privileges in 35 States.

Class Cost

$75 Class – Length 3 hours

Class Agenda:

  • Safe handling of firearms to include loading, unloading and carrying.
  • Current Wyoming Concealed Firearm’s Laws
  • Current Law defining Self Defense, Deadly Force, Transportation and concealment of firearms
  • Pistol operation including cartridges and components
  • Ammunition Malfunctions
  • Maintenance
  • Holster Selection
  • Concealment techniques

Permit Information:

  • Permit Validation: 5 years
  • Permit Cost: Varies Per County Sheriff
  • Permit Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Minimum Age: 21 years
  • Shall Issue to Wyoming Residents ONLY

What do I bring to Class?

Pen and Paper for taking notes Driver’s License or State Issued ID

IMPORTANT….. DO NOT bring firearms or ammunition into the classroom. Please leave these items safely locked in your vehicle or at home.

Wyoming Concealed Carry Class will be held EVERY Saturday (SEE EXCEPTIONS BELOW) and begin in our classroom located at 6101 Yellowstone Road. The class begins PROMPTLY at 10:00 am and end approximately 1:00 pm. You will be issued the Wyoming required safety certificate upon completion of the course.

Reserve Now

We can only accommodate a limited number of concealed carry students and our seats fill up quickly…so sign up now to reserve your classroom seat.