The world is a dangerous place. We don’t mean to make you paranoid—but danger could be lurking in

any corner. The homicide rate in the US is up significantly in 2020, along with a number of unimaginable violent felonies.

Under the US constitution, it’s your civic right to carry a firearm. The second amendment protects your right to bear arms as long as you have a proper license.

Here are a few of the most compelling reasons you should have a concealed weapon on your person at all times.

Protect Yourself and Others

Carrying a gun with you won’t ever let you be a victim of petty or violent crimes, both. From home invasions to mugging, firearms will help you protect yourself in any context. A gun will also help you protect those around you, including your family. Lawfully carrying a weapon could help save several lives— your family, yourself, and those around you. Various incidents have been documented of heroic citizens carrying concealed weapons and being able to save the lives of innocent strangers through intervention. If you ever find yourself or your family in a compromising position, your firearm will be your saving grace.

You never know what could happen, so better safe than sorry.

Empower Yourself

Nothing is more empowering than knowing you can protect yourself and those around you. Although taking a number of martial arts and self-defense classes can help soothe your paranoia, there’s not much you can do when a violent attacker is pointing a weapon at you. Carrying your own firearms ensures confidence to face everyday life, without the fear of becoming a victim.

Law enforcement isn’t always around. When your life is under threat— you can’t wait around two minutes for a response from the authorities. Every second matters. A firearm equalizes threats— so it doesn’t matter if you’re a heavy-weight champion or a scrawny adult, you’ll be able to protect and empower yourself.

A watch, a handgun, a razor and a bag on a wooden table

Be More Alert and Responsible

When you’re carrying a firearm, you’re more responsible. Knowing that you have a deadly weapon on your person will help you remain more aware and alert of your surroundings. When carrying a firearm, you know to behave in such a way that won’t harm yourself or threaten those around you.

Responsible citizens are very vigilant when carrying concealed firearms. They’re more aware of their surroundings, recognizing suspicious behavior and unusual activity immediately. Concealed carriers also avoid run-ins with the police since it could lead to complications. They adhere more closely to speed limits, act more deliberately, making them more responsible.

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