After you’ve decided to purchase a pistol to protect yourself, you’re required to take classes before you can apply for a permit. But simply having a pistol in your house isn’t enough to protect you; you need to learn how to use your firearm responsibly and confidently—and that’s where pistol training comes in.

Many new gun owners undermine the importance of training. There’s a reason why law enforcement and military individuals continue to practice shooting even after earning their titles.

Even if you’re raised in a house with firearms, you should get trained by professionals who can guide you on technique and tell you about state laws.

Here’s why every gun owner needs pistol training:

Concealed Carry Classes Aren’t Enough

Every gun training institute gets to decide what it wants to cover in its classes. Some institutes take their students to the shooting range in concealed carry classes while others just address legal issues and rules for carrying a firearm.

Most concealed carry programs don’t cover self-defense tactics that can be applied to real-life scenarios. Your knowledge of gun laws isn’t going to protect you when your life is in danger; you need to be able to use a gun to get yourself out of life-threatening situations.

If your concealed carry class only focused on rules and regulations, you aren’t ready to carry a gun around.

Learn How to Stay in Control In Stressful Situations

Revolver with bullets

Many people question the effectiveness of pistol training because real-life scenarios can’t accurately be replicated in the class.

Most of us don’t know how to stay calm in dangerous situations. Sure, you may have learned the technique, but can you stay in control of your emotions and actions when your life is under threat?

Pistol training usually involves physical exercises where you’re put in stressful scenarios and have to take action. You’ll learn to cope with danger when you least expect it; this is what makes pistol training crucial.

During your training session, you’ll also learn about all the things that can go wrong when you’re trying to take a shot. Malfunctions happen, and when they do, you need to have a backup plan.

You Practice On Moving Targets

After some practice, many people get really good at aiming at cardboard shooting range targets, but now many of them can say the same about moving targets.

Here’s the thing, in real-life, rarely will an attacker stay in one position and wait for you to make a shot while shooting a cardboard target is good practice, it isn’t realistic. It gives you false confidence and endangers your life.

In piston training, gun training institutes try to emulate real situations and give students the chance to practice shooting moving targets.

Gladiator Firearms Training Group offers pistol training at Wyoming’s Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex. Our training sessions cover pistol shooting and marksmanship. Our students get hands-on experience at the Laramie shooting range and are trained by experienced professionals.

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