In the United States, an estimated 265 million people possess guns. While it’s crucial to own a gun to ensure your safety, gun ownership entails some accountability. All gun owners should take specific precautions to ensure that their firearms are used safely, properly kept, and not fall into the wrong hands. If you are a gun owner, make sure you’re aware of the responsibilities that come with owning a gun.

Keep Your Fingers Off The Trigger Until You Are Prepared To Fire

Even if you’re sure that the gun is empty and locked, never place your finger on the trigger and keep it outside the trigger guard until the pistol is ready to fire. Even though it is generally pleasant, it is not safe to rest your finger within the trigger guard due tothe possibility of accidentally pressing the trigger. You may prevent accidental discharges by keeping your hands on the handle.


Always Aim Your Firearm In A Safe Direction

When not directed at the intended target, a loaded gun should always be pointed in a safe direction. This entails holding the pistol down the majority of the time with the barrel pointed downward. Gun owners should never aim a gun towards another person, even if they are joking due to the risk of unintentional discharges. Additionally, avoid aiming the pistol in the air in case an accidental discharge shoots the bullet into the air. And when it comes to gun storage, the ideal orientation is for the barrel to be pointing straight up or straight down, away from any danger.

A person irresponsibly pointing a gun at another individual

Each firearm should be handled as though it were loaded

Each firearm should be handled as if it were loaded, and if you must touch it for any reason, always check to verify it is not loaded. Never presume it has been emptied previously, even if you are aware that unloading it before storing it in your gun storage vault is always your procedure. If you are uncertain how to inspect a specific gun, consult an expert to avoid an accident. The most important guideline of gun safety for gun owners is to respect all firearms in your vicinity and handle them as if they are loaded and ready to shoot.

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