f you’re planning to travel soon, don’t just throw your gun in your bag and hope for the best. If you’re crossing state lines— or even travelling within it—you should know the rules of traveling with a firearm. If you’re not sure, there could be serious consequences. If you’re heading out, keep in mind the following factors and you’ll have a safe journey.

How to Keep the Gun Safe

The TSA has outlined rules of travelling with a firearm. Here are some of them:

  • Declare your firearms with the airport security and have them checked as baggage
  • Guns should be locked in a hard-sided container. The key should only be with the passenger. It is actually illegal for anyone else to have access to the key. Even TSA agents cannot access your container once it’s been cleared.
  • Spare parts such as firing pins or bolts are banned from being carried in a carry-on baggage. Instead, the individual should transport it in checked baggage.

The Laws of Your Destination

 gun and bullters on a jacket

When you’re packing your bags, make sure you know the laws of the state you’re traveling to. In some states, it’s illegal to travel with a firearm. If you do, you could be prosecuted. According to the NRA, some airports in New York and New Jersey such as Newark, JFK and Albany frown upon firearm travelers. It’s best to do your research beforehand to avoid any unpleasant situation.

You should also check the open carry or concealed carry laws. Moreover, you should also check for permits. If you need one in the state, make sure you apply for it before you travel. Remember, the use of gun varies from state to state, and if you’re not sure about them, you could be jailed.

Get Documentation

When you’re traveling with a firearm, it’s best to document everything and bring it along. You should print out TSA’s policy of traveling with a firearm, take pictures of your container, your gun, and your luggage before you check in. If your luggage looks suspicious after you’ve picked it up after the flight, take pictures again before you open it. Moreover, in case you’re questioned at the airport by the TSA, it’s best to have your gun permit with you to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Last Thoughts

If you’re traveling with a gun, make sure you know about how to keep it safe. If you’re in Wyoming, you can take concealed carry class with us. We teach at affordable rates. Have any questions? Reach out, and we’ll get back to you.